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Why we've changed our packaging options

We’re making important changes to our packaging that we’d like to share with you. In order to explain the changes, we’ll rewind for a moment and talk about how we’ve grown as a company first. 

The backstory

During the first part of 2020, NUE Hoops went from a good idea to a brand. In the matter of a couple of months our sales exploded. This all happened during lockdown and surpassed even our most ambitious ideas of what NUE could become, all in a very short space of time. We adapted quickly, but we had to review a few things about the business that didn’t feel so practical anymore. 

As sales grew and we gathered more and more customers who are avid collectors. We realised that sending a NUE Hoops pouch with every order (especially for those who were ordering for the 6th, 10th, or even 15th time!) wasn’t great for the environment, wasn’t particularly practical, and wasn’t what they wanted either. 

Customer feedback

Some customers have kindly sent back their pouches (they have been quarantined and cleaned if necessary), one customer sewed their pouches together to create a giant NUE Hoops jewellery holder (this has inspired a new product release for late 2021) and others have simply given us the feedback that they feel guilty having so many pouches in their drawer with no use for them.

Our thought process

We’ve always wanted to do what makes sense for customers, the business and the planet and for us to continue doing what we do, we need to be sustainable on all fronts. As any business owner knows, managing costs effectively when you grow quickly is a challenge. 

With this in mind, we’ve changed how your jewellery is wrapped, so that you can select from two options, these are ‘Eco’ or ‘Elevated’. One is free. One will cost £5. 

New packaging options

‘Eco’ is chic yet pared down. Your jewellery will be wrapped in our branded tissue paper and put into a beautiful biodegradable envelope. This option has been designed for loyal customers and/or those who are planet conscious. No charm board, no pouch, just simple packaging that biodegrades. It is also free. 

‘Elevated’ is the full shebang. Your jewellery will come with a charm board (if you’re buying charms), NUE jewellery pouch, wrapped in our branded tissue paper; all put inside our beautiful biodegradable envelope. This option has been designed for gifting or special treats. It costs £5. 

Why are you charging me for something I got for free before now? 

We have been concerned about our existing customers' reaction to us charging for something that was previously free. We care what our customers think and we respect you, so it’s only right we acknowledge this and explain our reasoning. 

Our explanation

Offering two packaging options adds cost and labour to our packing process. Add both packaging costs together and finances don’t look so sustainable. We want to offer our ‘Eco’ option for free, but it’s not cheap to produce. The best solution to this is to cover our costs for the ‘Eco’ option within the ‘Elevated’ option.

We’ve invested a lot of thought and energy into making the new ‘Eco’ option as beautiful as possible. Our hope is that you’ll love it, and opt for it the majority of the time, choosing ‘Elevated’ for special occasions and gifts, which means a happier planet for everyone.  

Hopefully this makes sense? We think it is reasonable and fair, but if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email camilla@nuehoops.com.