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Piercings at NUE Hoops

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We Are Now offering Piercings

Come and see us at one of our live events or at our studio in Leicestershire.
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Our Piercing Technician

Hi, I am Emily one of the founders here at NUE Hoops. I am a professionally trained and experienced body piercer. When you book piercing with us you can be safe in the knowledge you are in good hands.
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We offer any ear piercing and nose piercings.

How It Works

Everything you need to know

The Consultation
When you arrive we will have a consultation based on the questions you answered when you booked. We will mark and agree the site and position of the piercing and choose the jewellery. Please be aware that all of my piercings are performed with a needle not a gun. We do not perform piercings on under 16s.
The Jewellery
We only use implant-grade titanium studs and hoops. Over the years I have found this is the best way to avoid reactions and infections. I sterilise all the pieces myself in an autoclave steriliser.
The Cost
We charge £20 per piercing for the experience and the consumables used. The jewellery is chargeable on top and starts at £35.
Healing and Aftercare
We recommend cleaning your piercing twice a day with very diluted hibiscrub. This can be purchased from us or online. Healing time varies and depends on a lot of factors but mainly the site of the piercing. It can take up to 12 months for most cartilage piercings to heal.