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What’s been happening behind the scenes at NUE?

We wanted to share recent news and plans for 2022 to keep you in the loop on what’s happening behind the scenes. 

Black Friday donations

We’re happy to share that all our customers who donated during the Black Friday sale weekend raised £323, making our matched total £647. We topped-up the total and added £1 for everyone who shopped but didn’t donate (if you were shopping with ShopPay for example, you wouldn’t have seen the donations box) meaning we got to a total value of £972 raised.

Refuge have received the funds and they’re delighted and have thanked us for the donation. Thank you so much to everyone who donated and shopped, it was great to be able to raise money for charity during such a busy weekend. 

What's Next?

In terms of both looking back and forward, we’re very grateful to everyone who filled out our survey in July. It has given us valuable feedback for this year and for 2022 - which will be NUE Hoops’ third year. 

Here’s some things you asked for that we’ve implemented since the feedback:

  • A loyalty scheme for repeat customers. Roughly 50% of you who have bought from us before, buy from us every month, so you deserve to be rewarded. Our rewards programme launched in August after being heavily requested in July's survey. Many of the NUE Crew are already benefiting from collecting points. Don’t forget that you have to wait 30 days (the same period as our returns policy) before you can redeem your points. If you want to join the rewards programme, find out more about it

  • Introduce cuffs and more huggies to give you more options for your curated ear. You may have seen our new range of cuffs that launched last week. Our goal with cuffs is to help you build your dream ear stack without needing more piercings. We’ve also added a new huggie to our huggie collection - the Rovos huggie. We hope to continue to grow the collection of huggies and cuffs next year. 

  • Bundle deals - we’re currently experimenting with new tech that allows us to give you bundle deals for your NUE Hoops jewellery, in the form of our Advent Wallet. Our plan is to introduce more bundle deals in 2022. 
  • Birthstones - we’re working on a special birthstone collection that we’re very excited to release, all being well we’ll be able to launch in January. 

In addition to building on the above next year, stay tuned for more about these items in 2022...

  • Studs and piercing jewellery 
  • Necklaces
  • Fine jewellery options

As always, happy customers are our top priority. We hope you have a great December and thank you again for being part of the NUE Crew.



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