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How do I choose the right size hoops?

Our tips on finding the right size hoops.

We get this question a lot - whether on the website chat, on Instagram or in real life. So this blog post will hopefully help to dispel your questions and help you buy the perfect sized hoops for your ears. 

Question 1: Will you be wearing charms on the hoops? 

If you’d like charms, stop here and read this. If you’re not thinking about charms, go straight to Q2. 

When shopping for charms and hoops, the general rule is, find the charms you like first, and see which hoops we’ve styled them on. Check the size of the hoop we’ve used by checking the dimensions in the hoop page description, and see if it will fit you. See below how to size your lobes and tell.

Once you’ve sized up your lobes, you’ll know whether the hoops we’ve used will fit you. Size up or down on the hoops using the below info to help you decide which hoops to go for.

For styling, the general rule of thumb is, if you’re choosing a long charm, put it on a small hoop (so the Mini, Mili or for bigger lobes, the Mindy). Medium sized charms look good on most hoops, and tiny charms will generally go on any hoop too. If you want a glam, statement look, go big with your hoops.

Question 2: What size are your earlobes? 

If you look at them in the mirror, are they tiny, small, medium or large? Everyone’s ears are different sizes and shaped differently. Some people’s earlobes are very narrow, some are more rounded. 

Where is your piercing? Is it low, high or in the middle? The distance between your piercing and the edge of your ear is what you need to check when choosing a hoop that will fit.

Check the distance in mm from your piercing to the edge of your ear and compare this against the internal diameter of the hoop you’re interested in. 

Ways to measure the distance from your piercing to the edge of your ear:

  1. Stick a bit of masking tape on the edge of your piercing and mark on the tape where it reaches the edge of your ear with a pen. Then measure it. 
  2. Or just get a see-through ruler and a willing accomplice : ) 

You want the internal diameter of the hoop to be the same distance (or larger) than the distance between your piercing and the edge of your ear, if it's going to fit. 

Classic Hoops measurements: 

  1. Mini Hoops - 5mm internal diameter 
  2. Mili Hoops - 7mm internal diameter
  3. Mindy Hoops - 12mm internal diameter
  4. Midi Hoops - 16mm internal diameter
  5. Magni Hoops - 25mm internal diameter


Question 3: If I just want to eyeball the sizes, what’s your advice? 

As a general rule for primary piercings, this is how our sizes work: 

Tiny lobes, primary piercing: 

  • Mini hoops will look roomy
  • Mili Hoops will have plenty of space
  • Mindy hoops will be an ideal size 
  • Midi hoops will look on the larger side 
  • Magni will be ‘statement’ size 

  • Mini Mindy

    Small lobes, primary piercing:

  • Mini will hug the ear and look like a huggie
  • Mili hoops will be roomy 
  • Mindy will work well, as it does for all sizes of lobes
  • Midi will be an ideal size
  • Magni will be ‘statement’ size 

    Average lobes

    Medium lobes, primary piercing: 

      • Mini won’t fit comfortably
      • Mili will be snug and charms may not hang straight 
      • Mindy will be the ideal size
      • Midi would also be a very good fit 
      • Magni will look at home  

    Large lobes, primary piercing: 

        • Mini won’t fit 
        • Mili won’t fit comfortably
        • Mindy will look like a small hoop 
        • Midi will work
        • Magni will be an ideal hoop

      If you want a more subtle look, opt for a smaller hoop. If you want a more glamorous, statement look, opt for a bigger hoop. For detailed information about the dimensions, always check the product description of our hoops. 

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