Zou Gold


Named after the ancient Chinese philosopher Zou Yan who developed a theory of cosmology based on yin & yang, focused on the different forces of contraction and expansion, that created the universe.

Allow Zou to empower you in your daily life. 

Yin & Yang reminds us that for sunny days we need rainy ones, tough times are followed by better times and that the universe exists in a constant state of flux, which is governed by opposite but complementary forces.

His stats:

  • Made of brass and plated in gold with enamel.
  • Measures approximately 15.7mm x 12mm. 
  • Weighs approximately 0.97g.
  • He is available in silver here.

Zou is pictured worn on either the Mindy Gold Hoops and alongside the Jamie Gold on the Mili Gold Hoop.

    Note that this charm doesn't go onto the Black Enamel, Ruby, or Ruby Big Sister hoops. 

    View our hoops in gold and silver here.

    If you'd like to put this charm onto a necklace, make sure you buy a charm clip.

    Charms are sold individually so that you can mix and match. By selecting (1) you will have one charm. For a pair please select (2).

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