Silver Padlock Necklace


A padlock for keeps! Wear our padlock necklace for styling with any outfit. It's simple yet chic. Lightweight but made of solid silver, this necklace is easy to wear and hardy for everyday wear.

A clean design feature - open the padlock necklace by gently holding the padlock in place whilst pulling the lock 'U' upwards and its lock will come open.  

The padlock necklace has a solid padlock clasp and is all made of solid 925 sterling silver. 

It comes in two lengths: 50cm (19.7") and 40cm (15.7"). 

To assess the length you may want, use a piece of string. Lay the string on a ruler to measure the length and then check this length on yourself. Talk to us on our website chat if you still need some help. 

Each chain is made to order so please contact: or talk to us on our website chat if you'd like a different length. We are more than happy to help.


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