Upcycled and handmade, this charm has strong eco-credentials.

Luca is made from a small spire shell, a small natural pearl and a little piece of bamboo which has been dyed red to give the appearance of coral. Handmade by Mumma NUE, we only have limited numbers of the Luca charm to sell. 

A shell from the beach, a pearl from the ocean, and bamboo from the land, this charm combines three natural elements into a delicious summery cocktail that brings boho-chic and the beach together in perfect harmony. 

Available on a 14-karat gold-filled wire or sterling silver wire. Each Luca charm is slightly different as the pearls, bamboo and shells vary slightly in colour, shape and size. 

We've styled her on the gold Mili hoop but she can be worn on any of our hoops or chains. You can view all our hoops in gold and silver here.

All our charms are sold individually. By selecting (1) you will have one charm. For a pair please select (2). Please specify at check-out if your charm is for a chain. 

Color: Gold

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