Emerald Dream Gold


A combination for a luxe, yet understated pairing. 

The Emerald Dream set comprises Claudia Emerald Gold and Diana Gold on the Mili Gold Hoops.

Claudia's bright emerald colour brings a deep richness, Diana's sparkle creates a charming feel. Together they feel special and subtle all at once. 

These charms are made from brass, plated in gold, and adorned with an emerald coloured or white CZ stones. 

Claudia is 4mm x 6mm.

Diana is 10mm x 8.5mm. 

The Mili hoops are made from recycled sterling silver and plated in 18-karat gold. 

Each hoop

Internal diameter: 7.3mm
External diameter: 12mm
Weighs: 0.87g

Our hoops are made exclusively for NUE, designed in close collaboration with our suppliers. Every pair has our logo on the inside of each hoop, so you can be sure it came from us. They are nickel, cadmium and lead-free.

Emerald Dream is a set of 2x charms and a pair of hoops. 

Create your own set by choosing your own charms and hoops.

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