Ada Noir Large Silver


This large oval black pearl charm adds a luxurious feel to the Chunky Hoops. It has a stunning yet subtle sheen, as all the best natural pearls do. Hand-finished on a silver wire, it's also available on a gold wire.

This pearl has a sense of otherworldly charm - mysterious and glamourous all at once. The deep black colour changes with the light, making it a variety of stunning colours from greens and purples through to oranges as well as more silvery tones. Each pearl is unique in its colouring. We pair them manually with careful consideration to get the best colour match.

Each pearl varies in size and shape but on average it weighs between 2g - 3g and is roughly 20mm x 10mm in size. It feels light on the ear so can easily be worn as everyday jewellery. 

Wear this large Ada Noir charm on our Chunky Hoops.

Charms are sold individually so that you can mix and match. By selecting (1) you will have one charm. For a pair please select (2).

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