Colour: Gold

Tora is a large cowry shell charm with a natural pearl dangling from beneath. The edges of the shell are decorated with a silver trim or 18 karat gold trim.

Tora means tiger in Japanese and goddess in Norse (Scandinavian language). This charm is both stand-out powerful and beautiful at the same time. Hence its name.

This charm is hand finished by Mumma NUE. We have very limited numbers of this charm and had to hunt it down to bring it back as it was so popular! 

Tora is pictured worn on the Midi Gold hoop and Midi Silver hoop. The Tora charm also works well on the Mini hoop. All our charms fit on all our hoops, so you can choose whichever size of hoop you want to match your style.

All our charms are sold individually. By selecting (1) you will have one charm. For a pair please select (2).

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