Blair Silver Huggie

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A classic, chunky oh so beautiful huggie. Solid, chic, and easy for everyday wear. 

Made from solid sterling 925 silver, plated with Rhodium so they won't tarnish, it's the perfect earring for a 'cuff effect'. 

Each huggie has a concealed hinge closure, meaning all you need to do is 'click' it closed.

The model has a small ear so we recommend this huggie for piercings higher up the ear, beyond the lobe. 

Sizing it up:
Internal diameter: 4.1-4.2mm
External diameter: 8mm

A single hoop weighs: 0.8g

About these huggies

Made from 925 sterling silver plated in Rhodium. They are nickel, cadmium, and lead-free. 

Rhodium is a rare, highly valuable silvery-white noble metal that is part of the platinum family. A small amount of Rhodium can be used to plate silver in order to stop it from scratching, tarnishing, or needing to be polished. It’s therefore perfect for creating a high shine and fresh look for an extended period of time. Rhodium is not reactive and completely safe to use on jewellery.

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