Margarite Silver Hoops


Introducing the Margarite Hoops. 

Using our classic Magni hoops, we've added a large freshwater pearl as a 'pearly doughnut' for a take-two on the pearl hoops trend.

In true NUE Hoops style, the freshwater natural pearl is detachable, but we're selling the Magni hoops and the pearl as a set to avoid you buying the pearl doughnut and finding it doesn't fit other hoops.

If you've been thinking about getting a bigger hoop and were toying with the Magni, this could be the perfect excuse to get them. 

Margarite Silver Hoops include a pair of Magni Silver Hoops with an 11mm freshwater pearl added to each hoop. 

The Magni Hoops are made of sterling 925 silver and plated in rhodium.

Each Hoop:

Internal diameter: 25.5mm 
External diameter: 30mm
Weighs: 3.02g with the pearl

Our hoops are made exclusively for NUE, designed in close collaboration with our suppliers. Every pair has our logo on the inside of each hoop, so you can be sure it came from us. They are nickel, cadmium and lead-free.

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