We love it when you come back to shop with us time and again. To reward your loyalty, we have a rewards programme that allows you to collect points each time you shop, recommend a friend or carry out other activities. Your points can then be converted into vouchers to use when you shop with us again in the future.  


How to get NUE Rewards

If you have a customer account, you'll be logged into NUE Rewards automatically whilst you're on our website. All you need to do is look for the NUE Rewards button on the bottom left of the screen on your device to activate NUE Rewards. 

Go to your NUE Rewards account and carry out some simple activities to start collecting points. You'll automatically start collecting points every time you order.

If you don't have a customer account, you can sign up for one. Once you have a customer account, make sure you tap on the gold icon at the bottom left of your device to activate NUE Rewards. You'll then be able to start collecting points every time you order. 


When you spend £100, you’ll get a £5 voucher to spend with us. You can also earn points by referring friends, following us on Instagram and telling us your birthday. 

When you’ve made a purchase, your points from that purchase will take 30 days to become valid. So you have to wait for 30 days to pass before you can spend them. 

To get the full rundown of what you can do to earn points, go to NUE Rewards by selecting the gold icon on the bottom right of your screen.

We really hope you take advantage of NUE Rewards - it’s a no brainer if you think you’ll shop with us more than once!