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Care For Your Jewellery

The metals we use:

Our classic gold hoops are made from 925 sterling silver, plated in 18 karat gold. Our classic silver hoops are 925 silver, plated in Rhodium so that they don't tarnish.

Rhodium is a rare, highly valuable silvery-white noble metal that is part of the platinum family. A small amount of Rhodium can be used to plate silver in order to stop it from scratching, tarnishing or needing to be polished. It’s therefore perfect for creating a high shine, completely new look for an extended period of time. Rhodium is not reactive and completely safe to use on jewellery.

Looking after your hoops

We recommend you do not sleep, bathe, shower or exercise in your hoops or charms. 

Store your jewellery in a jewellery case to protect it from scrapes and scratches. To clean it, gently buff it with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth or silver cloth. 

The fastenings on hoops and huggies can become loose over time or bend out of shape. This is easy to rectify and we recommend you do the following as soon as you notice, to avoid losing your jewellery: 

Hinged hoops 

(For Electra, Calypso, Blair, Serena, Ruby, Ruby Big Sister and our huggies)

Be aware that if you close any of the hinged hoops or huggies too firmly, the post may bend out of shape. This can be easily bent back again if this happens. Simply take it out of your ear, gently bend it upwards with your finger pad and test closing it, bending the ear post gently until it reconnects with the other side and clicks back into place. This should fix it! If you need any help don't hesitate to get in touch. 

Clasped hoops 

(For our Classic hoops)

You may find that the clasp on your classic hoops can become loose over time.

This is very easy to tighten up. Simply close the hoop so that the post is snugly in its cradle and using tweezers, gently pinch the clasp. Don't pinch too tightly otherwise you will struggle to get it open again! Just like NUE, your hoops will be more secure again.


Our warranty

We offer a 6 month warranty on all our jewellery. If something goes wrong, contact customer.services@nuehoops.com and we will replace, repair or refund where appropriate within 6 months of purchase. We always want our customers to be happy so always get in touch if you're not happy or there's a problem. 

You can see our returns policy for more information.