Noah's Dove


The Noah's Dove comprises a Jamie Silver Charm and an Eve Silver charm on a pair of Black Enamel Silver Hoops.

Iana is wearing a Cleo Silver Cuff next to the Jamie Silver charm. Next to the Eve Silver charm is a Mini Silver Hoop and a sparkling cuff that is coming soon. 

Jamie is made from recycled sterling silver and plated in white rhodium. He measures approximately 10 mm x 6 mm. 

Eve is a real freshwater pearl arranged on a sterling silver wire. She measures 4mm x 4mm.

The Black enamel silver hoops are made in Italy from recycled sterling silver, plated in white rhodium, and adorned in black enamel.

Each hoop:
Internal diameter: 8mm
External diameter:12mm 
Weighs: 0.75g

About our hoops

These hoops are made exclusively for NUE, designed in close collaboration with our suppliers. They are each stamped with ‘925’ showing that they're made from 925 silver. They are nickel, cadmium, and lead-free.

This is a set of 2x charms and a pair of hoops. 

Create your own set by choosing your own charms and hoops.

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