A small turquoise stone with a powerful edge. Turquoise stones have been valued for thousands of years, with turquoise beads having been unearthed in Iraq dating from around 5000 BC.

They have long been seen to represent power, wisdom, luck and immortality. Their bright blue colour radiating from brown soil was seen by ancient tribes as a sign of the sky and the earth coming together. 

Tilly brings a sense of vibrancy (immortality) and cool (power) and makes us think of lazy days on the beach with sun-kissed skin and sea-salt hair. Getting close to nature, surfing a wave or seeking adventure, Tilly has both nature and escapism in her.

Available on a 14-karat gold-filled wire or sterling silver wire. She comes in all shapes and sizes as each Tilly charm is slightly different. 

We've styled her on the gold Mili hoop alongside Marcel and Mimi.

You can view all our hoops in gold and silver here.

All our charms are sold individually. By selecting (1) you will have one charm. For a pair please select (2). Please specify at check-out if your charm is for a chain. 

Color: Gold

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