Amana mini

Colour: Gold

Amana mini is the little version of our chunky Amana elephant charm. Unlike its bigger sister, the mini Amana elephant is shiny rather than matt. A teeny tiny charm that is absolutely the cutest thing, Amana mini is perfect for additional piercings if you want to create a cute line-up. 

Her stats: 

  • She's plated in 16-karat gold or rhodium.
  • She measures 6mm x 7.5mm. 

She's pictured worn on the Mini hoop. You can view the mini hoops in gold and silver here. 

All our charms fit on all of our hoops and chains so that you can create your own jewellery.

View our hoops in gold and silver here and our chains here.

If your charm is for a chain, please specify in the checkout notes so we know to add a clip to it so that it will go onto a chain.

Charms are sold individually so that you can mix and match. By selecting (1) you will have one charm. For a pair please select (2).

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